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The legal team at has decades of combined experience safeguarding the legal rights of drivers in the area through our full service representation.

Our staff of experienced legal professionals can thoroughly review the case with you to identify any factors that can create a more favorable outcome. We can uncover irregularities in procedure or even invalidate improperly performed tests to establish your innocence and keep you on the road.

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Residents: Do You Need Legal Assistance for Your Suspected DUI? is a recognized local leader in professional DUI defense services.
We have been helping our clients retain their road readiness for years through our expert representation.

Anderson Indiana Residents: Don't let a DUI arrest land you behind bars!

Residents: We Can Have Your DUI Charges Dropped

At, everything we do is aimed at defending the freedoms of the clients who rely on us. Our staff is on call 7 days a week to offer the assistance that helps facilitate the most positive outcome possible in DUI or DWI cases, and from representation to chemical testing confirmation, our suite of services is designed to deliver you a better way forward after a DUI stop.

The dedicated team of legal professionals that drive our success take a shared focus on helping you resolve your DUI and DWI issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. We can work with you to gather a clear picture of the circumstances surrounding it, and in many cases we can identify procedural and testing issues that invalidate charges entirely. Call today to receive the expert assistance you need.

Our experienced team of legal experts is standing by to offer you the assistance you need in moving past your DUI or DWI issues as quickly as possible. We can examine the circumstances of your stop, the legality of the testing procedure and other relevant factors to guarantee you the best possible outcome. Don’t lose your license or livelihood to a DUI event, call today to get answers now.

Experienced DUI attorneys.


Our experienced team of experts in DUI law can interpret the facts of your case to build an effective defense and help establish your innocence.


The legal team at specializes in providing full service representation, including during DMV hearings, as well as civil and criminal court proceedings.

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No two DUI cases are the same, and so our staff always works to develop an individualized defense strategy for every client that entrusts their legal standing to our expertise.

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Our representation services start at an affordable flat fee to help drivers retain access to their motorist privileges without an excessive investment in legal fees.

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Our knowledge of DUI case law relevant to makes us the best local option. is the BEST choice for
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Anderson, city, seat (1828) of Madison county, east-central Indiana, U.S. It lies along the White River, in a corn- (maize-) and wheat-producing region, 39 miles (63 km) northeast of Indianapolis. Founded in 1823 on the site of a Delaware Indian village, it was named Andersontown for a subchief, Koktowhanund, also known as William Anderson. In 1886 the city's industrial growth was assured with the discovery of natural gas in the locality. The city's manufactures now include automobile parts and electric vehicles. Anderson University was established in 1917 as the Anderson Bible Training School by the Church of God, whose world headquarters is also located in the city. Mounds State Park, just east of Anderson, contains the largest known Native American earthwork in Indiana as well as several other prehistoric mounds built by the Hopewell and Adenacultures . Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses are raced at Hoosier Park, southeast of downtown, from April through December. Inc. 1838, again in 1865. Pop. (2000) 59, 734; Anderson Metro Area, 133, 358; (2010) 56, 129; Anderson Metro Area, 131, 636.White River at Anderson, Ind. Tim Kiser

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9 Ways A DUI Will Destroy Your Career
You may have seen the recent news story of a police officer who was fired for driving under the influence. If you are arrested for a DUI, the consequences go way beyond possible jail time. You may not be aware that a DUI can have a devastating impact on your job.
Here are 9 ways a DUI can destroy or damage your career:
Suspended license: If your license is suspended and you don't get an exemption for driving to/from work (many states allow this exemption under certain circumstances) then you're taking a taxi, hiring a private driver, or taking the bus to and from work. Taking the bus is pretty unreliable and you can end up losing your job due to lateness. Plus, if your job requires you to drive, you're out of luck.
Mandatory firing policy: Many employers provide in handbooks and employment contracts that conviction of a crime is grounds for firing. If your employer has that policy, you may lose your job. Employers who have this policy usually require you to notify them immediately upon an arrest.
Insurance loss: If your job requires you to drive, and if you manage to keep your license, your insurance company may not insure people with DUIs. If you are covered by company insurance for driving a vehicle or heavy equipment, your employer may lose coverage if they keep you employed. Your employer may have no choice but to fire you. Even if you manage to be covered, your insurance, and your employer's, will be more expensive. Your employer may not want to pay extra to keep you.
Diversion program: If you're lucky enough to qualify for a diversion program that lets you avoid jail time, there could still be mandatory notification of your employer and even required visits to you at work. If you can show that your handbook provides that conviction of a crime is grounds for firing, then some states may waive this requirement. However, some states require a guilty plea for entry into a diversion program, and if your employer finds out you've been convicted, you'll likely lose your job.

Professional license: Many professional licenses, such as for lawyers, nurses, doctors and even plumbers require that any arrest be disclosed to the licensing agency. Depending on your state and the agency, it could affect your license. Lose your license, lose your job.

Missed work: You'll miss work for court appearances and possibly for mandatory alcohol treatment. There could be mandatory imprisonment. You could get hit with excessive absenteeism. Plus, there's the embarrassment of explaining why you have to be out.
Job applications: While some states don't allow employers to ask about arrests and convictions on job applications, most do. Plus, your DUI will appear in public records and on your driver's license records.
Education: Many colleges and universities ask if you have any criminal convictions. Similarly financial aid applications may be affected by a DUI. You may have to prove you've gone through a treatment program, or may lose out altogether.
Commercial driver's license: A DUI will show up on your commercial driving record for 55 years. If you're a commercial driver, your career is possibly at an end.
So, what do you do if you're pulled over and you've had a few? I'm an employment lawyer, not a criminal defense lawyer, but based on my research here are some pieces of advice that seem to be universal:
Stay calm: Police are looking to see if you are agitated, nervous or belligerent. Be polite and calm at all times.
Open your window: It may be cold (or hot) out, but you need to clear the alcohol fumes. Plus, you will need to speak with the officer. Do it as quickly as you can.
Get your license and registration ready: You don't want them to see you fumbling or dropping things.
Speak as little as possible: Look at them but point your mouth away from the officer's face. If you are asked where you are coming from, if you've been drinking or how much you've had to drink, don't answer. Say, politely, something like, 'I have nothing to say.' If you say any more, you may slur your words, and they will smell your breath. If you admit you had dinner with friends, came from a bar or club, or were drinking, that evidence can and will be used against you.
Refuse the field sobriety test: You don't have to submit to the field tests they give, like walking in a straight line, touching your nose, etc. They don't have to tell you that you can refuse. You can. Refuse. They're subjective and even sober people can fail�READ MORE:

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DUI Defense: What We Offer Drivers Identifying Critical Factors DUI Cases


A DUI conviction could impact your earning potential. Let us help. What You Must Know About a DUI Case


The Effects of DUI Conviction You Could Lose Your License to a DUI Conviction!


Expert DUI Defense services The majority of our DUI cases are dismissed before trial.


We Specialize in DUI law. Residents: Avoid Jail Time and Thousands in Fines with Expert DUI Defense.


Let us work with you to build an effective defense for a DUI or DWI case. Residents: Don't Live With the Effects of a DUI Conviction


We are the most trusted DUI Defense resource. Our knowledge of DUI case law relevant to makes us the best local option.


Many Sobriety Checkpoints Are Run Illegally! Don't Leave Your DUI Defense to a Less Experienced Firm.


The Local Leader in DUI Defense for drivers. DUI Defense: What We Offer Drivers


Let Us Represent You in Your DUI Case. Suspected of DUI? Call today.


We have a deep knowledge of DUI Laws. Don't settle for a DUI Conviction without a fight!


"Residents: Let us lead you to a ""not guilty"" verdict in your DUI or DWI case." Have You Been Pulled Over for DUI?


Don't Lose Your Freedom to a DUI Conviction! Residents: Are Your Sobriety Test Results Valid?


Have you been arrested for DUI? Call now. Residents: We Can Help You Avoid DUI Conviction


Capable And Confident: DUI Defense DUI Penalties are Harsh


No two DUI cases are the same Our chemical analysis team can identify mishandled sobriety tests to invalidate DUI charges.


We can reduce or eliminate your DUI and DWI charges. A DUI conviction could permanently change your life.


Residents: A DUI conviction could mean years in jail. Let us help. We have a deep knowledge of DUI Laws.


Residents: We Handle Your DUI Case from Start to Finish Experienced DUI attorneys.


Accused of a DUI or DWI? Read this first. Residents: A DUI conviction could mean years in jail. Let us help.


We handle commercial DUI and DWI cases. We have the DUI Defense answers drivers rely on.


Residents: Let us give you the DUI Defense answers you need when your future is at stake. Residents: Do You Need Legal Assistance for Your Suspected DUI?


Thousands of Residents have trusted their freedom to us in DUI cases. Residents: We Can Have Your DUI Charges Dropped


Residents: Don't Go it Alone in Your DUI Case. Don't Lose Your Freedom to a DUI Conviction!


DUI Cases: Factors to Consider Individualized DUI Defenses for Residents


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